Sunday, January 31, 2010

A TU BiSHvat has passed and its time for all the women from all over the world to invade our ice cream stores in Crown Heights. It is interesting that on Shluchim convention, our men were talking about the mesiras nefesh without meat and yogurt or bar-b-que chicken, and lack of Jewishness of that place to spread Judaism around the world; and of course all the guys were jealous of me that I went there and had an opportunity to see somebody I knew. But when I happened to be by Shluchos conference they were talking about mesiras nefesh of the lack of chocolate and ice cream and lack of Jewishness in that place where they happen to be, to spread Judaism around the world; and of course all gals and my wife, when I got married were jealous of me, because to go there, for them, it would have been an opportunity to say hello to someone they know.
Now, what is odd with this picture? Nothing, it is all natural and it is people being people, just doing what Hashem wants. We still like our chocolate and meat, but we are doing what is so important to our generation now. So what could be wrong with dedicating an official speach and mention something yummy along with it?