Friday, November 6, 2009

So long, no write. And I don't have a time. My wife has the computer and my kids are pressing funny buttons on it.
Now funny thing is that our forefather Avraham has to pray for deliverance of Sdom, why? I did not find an answer. Why is it important to preserve the wicked? What would we gain if Sdom was spared? More influence from it?
OK, Noach did not ask to spare his generation and that was not good because he did not care, but if he did would it pay to pray for them?
Well, Noach did not try to save his generation, though G-d would have listened. But it did not stop the world from becoming bad in the next ten generations. So there it is - why purge it anyway if our own physical nature is bad? It took their posterity to become bad. And G-d himself made his mind by saying that He won't destroy humanity since its nature is only bad.
So, then why preserve the world if it is bad most of the time? Because this world was created for few Tzadikim that G-d loves so much that he only keeps it going for them. And where are they going to come from, if not from these parents? So don't just purge parents all the time, something might come out good from them. The killing of Hevel was so bad because all those children were crying that could not be born.
Why destroy Sdom then? Well sometimes, only one part of humanity will be, but that's because that part does not have any righteous people at all to an extent that all people are doomed to never even be good - no one to learn from, yeah that's education that is important too. Even if we don't uphold ourselves to those standards.

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