Monday, October 26, 2009

Does hard working man always have to break his back?

Just get this: Noah is working for 120 years, then even harder during a flood, then brings out all the animals out, then brings sacrifice, than plants something for himself, and relaxes for one day, what is his payment? G-d punishes him. You know the story of CHam. Unless I don't understand something in this parsha.

Adam's wife Chava, to convince him to eat the tree of knowledge, made only one scene of outburst and poor Adam did not know, how to handle it, especially when she used snake in her argument to make it appear as though Adam is not adequate enough to know... so he sinned - wait but that is in medrash, the first literate account of growling family drama comes in one week - Why did you laugh Sara? No, I did not. Yes, YOU laughed!!! And than more Sara upsets Avraham, by kicking his son out of the house, she wins just like Chava, but no one sinned. Men just have to break their backs, so what's left for women to do? Win the arguments.

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