Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jacob goes his way.

IT was one of the best Succoth I've ever had. Despite my grief over losing my CHITAS, RaMBAM, Teffilllin etc. - WELL that's being found!
The only thing is, it took me a lot of mashke to keep me through Tishrei.

Interesting lesson for me from this month...
You see wrote before about my massive grief over my most dear subjects in this world, add to this mix that I forgot mine and my wife's passports in this bag. So most of this happy month is nothing but a grief over something that I THOUGHT WAS LOST FOR GOOD AND NEVER WOULD RETURN FOR GOOD! NOW I WISH THAT I WOULD ENJOY IT MORE IF I ONLY KNEW THAT IT WOULD MAKE MIRACULOUS COMEBACK!

This is all source of our worries - negative imagination.
This is what this month was for a battle between extreme hope and extreme pessimism. I would never imagine to see all our documents and the dearest things be brought back in one piece. We don't have to go through major pains this year to actually restore it!

So This year, I thing will be good, because I think good!

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