Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To fight, or not to fight?

They've got another dirty rich orthodox Jew. They act in excitement! He finally is going to spend the rest of his life in jail! FOR, for ... for ... not knowing who was and was not legal immigrant since some of his workers had fake IDS on them!!! (i.e. for not being a policeman). Than the critical review in NY post about "chosen G-d's squad" that is training people to use guns against possible terror attacks (orthodox Jews). Also late change about media coverage of different Hassidic 'Enclaves'.

The biggest concern is - it slips through some reports not once but several times, that our elites in a secular world in US as well as in Israel (where it is more open) is this - the growing percentage of orthodox Jews firstly in New York as well as in several other states as well as in Israel. It might make some of these Pro-European liberal bastions into more socially (not economically) conservative.

So what do they do? They try to make it harder for us to be what we are by attacking our already expensive part of our food industry - meat.

And who was used as a weapon? PETA (Pro-German values, gentile stronghold) and Labor Unions ( Yeah, good ole' secular Jewish stronghold) all in a nutshell. They are after us! And since they found out that our slaughter house IS better than theirs, so up with his head for anything.
Now some of our smart-aleks concluded that labor union IS needed for Rubashkin plant, but think about this - If GM cars was bankrupt by same unreasonable demands from unions, what about our agri-processors? If you think it is too much to pay $9.99 per pound, try $39.99 average meat price that Rubashkin WILL HAVE TO charge to keep his business afloat. Yes by not unionizing he puts you in CH first! and by the way he is not treating his workers badly, he is just not paying 75 grant and full benefits for picking garbage at his processing plant. But that is not the price you want to pay for unskilled labor as nobody does. It is not any worse and workers are not even striking or complaining. Only according to some anonymous reports after having to pay someone, finally the investigators were ready to jump at not proven claim that someone had a fight with other worker and since no one took them apart, so Rubashkin is personally responsible for someone else's fight. May be he should have changed their diaper too, after all these are HIS workers, and made sure they go to bed every night! for their safety.

Now why I suspect it all to be the beginning of greater plan is a long story. When I studied the history of propaganda I had to pick it up piece by piece since if you ever tried teaching it all at once it is so contraversial that even my students said that if wasn't Jewish they thought I was either anti-white or anti-Semite, which I am both, So here is why I suspect it to be part of a larger scheme.
But again I could just be paranoid.

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