Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First release.

This is my first release, so don't get too excited. I can't even put my own picture in there and any random pictures that I post comes out to be that of strangers (Honestly I don't even know who these people are and are they doing in my computer). Blog is definitely a good idea, but I do not know how to properly run it.
Enough kvetching, anyways, what this blog is all about is more of philosophical and ethical concerns than just my diary about what I ate or what kind of stomach upset I went through. It might be wise in the future to consider whether or not to read this blog at all - it is for mature minds only. Well learning along ... or moving along this new prospect of communication I have posted and established this blog. It WILL look better as my experience grows with it. As for all the bored souls in the world who come across this blog - I salute you for all this time that you and I might dedicate for sharing our private parts of life. See you next time!