Thursday, July 16, 2009

Interesting thing, When I sit down to write something on my blog my mind goes blank. There are so many things on my mind that I don't know where to start. Everything needs to be understood and discussed by human mind, that's our nature and there is plenty on my mind. How do people do blogs?
O.K. lets start somewhere - There are many blogs Jewish, non-Jewish, Family etc. My interests are ranging from vacation to comparing perspectives of different people on day to day issues that is why it is a club. Why Jewpublic? Because I am a Jew living in decaying republic of USA, also because, ALTHOUGH I am not a Zionist (I never was in Israel) I do like the ancient Confederate Republican form of Government in The Land of Israel, which partially inspired the creation of separate states of US under loose authority of central government sort of a Jewish republic. Unfortunately as Shmuel (Samuel) saw our moral decay he crowned our first king Saul... It took us long way from there and now we're here in exile.
One question remains - is it only for Jews? Hell, no - it is for everyone. You might be right or might be wrong but you might say it!
One more thing I do have a weird education in - biology, anatomy, political science, philosophy and history that I learned in secular college plus my degree from Rabbinical college, so there you have it. I also like hikes, wild places wished to live somewhere else, busy with my family of six, as poor as a church's mouse, want more money, you know, pretty much like you... Yeah what about you!?


  1. "want more money, you know, pretty much like you..."

    Yup, you can say that again.

  2. I think as you continue to blog, it will just "come into its own"; without too much determination on your part. :-)