Sunday, July 19, 2009

So far so draft.

Today - Working overnight from Motzei shabbos to Sunday morning, then sleeping on the job place to be ready for a day ahead with my family. Yes I love to sleep in a place where I work. At least in that basement roaches don't scream and mice don't kvetch. You really get to appreciate the lack of windows in that place - it is so lovely. If everything depends on quality of sleep no wonder I get perky only after two hours. It is like nightly cave in the jungle. Then go home, daven, start the day. You see four two-legged animals screeching and screaming, demanding. Well at least they just as good as teenagers. When you ask them question, they don't reply with coherent answer, "Where were you?" - "There.", "Who did you see?"- "People.", "What were you doing?" - "Stuff."
They say that life goes in circles but may be it just never a circle but a straight line. And where are you heading with an old age? Back to diapers, alright. Don't try to argue with someone who tells you that we are all kids to an extent - he is right. Then we had a maximum of trip with minimum embarrassment, I am really proud of them! Guess where did we go out of all places? What did we lack in life? That's right more zoo! We went to the zoo in Manhattan. Had a great time really, though I still miss the Bronx zoo. We watched animals there! I still like big zoos better, it is next good thing to the nature - the lions are there but they're not eating you.
Then back home we got our kids to bed as soon as we could and then it is just us... and some stupid meeting that was organized by our building management. Just when you want to have time for your wife someone finds something else for you to do. So I did it for two hours. And now I am here having time with my computer instead! That is just the day of my life.
Now I did what any blogger would do - had a diary of my life for today.
But I also like to write serious stuff. The problem begins when I feel like writing about history of these and and the prospective on that.
As of today, we find ourselves in three weeks, nine days are approaching, it is also anniversary of Israeli heroes like A. Sharon deposing other Jews from territories (I can write the whole story on how is it that people who gave us this land are also the people who try to destroy parts of it), destruction of two temples, our problems and achievements in modern times, some reminiscences of farbrengens with the Rebbe that I remember, even if just a little. And if you want to know some military history or battle chronology, history of modern civilization - fine, and to tap it off our basic body functions and different organs fine - but that is more of question oriented. Yeah, I am not a doctor and don't ask me for remedies though, just if anyone is interested in knowing general questions - ask. Or should I just stick to bragging about my daily life? that is my unresolved dilemma.

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