Monday, August 24, 2009

Get ready for new series: do you know how to take vacation?

Finally here. Yes I was away in Vermont, so this post is also short but not desperate. I had no phone, my camera broke, so I could not take any pictures but my vacation was fabulous! And is it because I had no media outlets with me? Well you see there are several types of people on vacation, and I'll explain it tomorrow. For now it is sleeping time, I'm tired

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  1. A real vacation should be computer and gadget free, (except cell phone, if you block texting,) BUT it's impossible in this world.

    I went away for Shabbos, and my sister didnt let me use the computer. She said I needed 'detox', and though it pained me to admit, I probably did.

    At 1st I was pining to use the comp, but then I forgot about it, and relaxed, and guess what? I had fun!!

    I came home on Sunday, and had 41 emails!!! And ya, I checked my email the second i walked through the door.

    So vacation is definitly better without those things, but not always possible.

    So how was yours?