Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vacation, lets talk about it.

Well I only had enough time for writing a short thought on my vacation. I happened to either lose, move away from my media or have it broken while going there (Vermont). There was a TV box there but it was primarily occupied by my wife and growing babies the whole time that we stayed inside the complex. As Altie commented last time, she had a similar experience of self detoxification from computer and text messaging and discovering, she actually had fun. By the way I can say the same thing. Now what did I do and how was it?
This lack of media was not really planned, but how good it feel that your wife can not nag you to call here and to inform there; all I could think about is whats the next activity, truly rested from civilization. After Shabbos at 9:30 we started going at four on the dot we were there, as a matter of fact as soon as I put my kids asleep the skies began to light.
OK, now for the heart of the vacation.
First things first and we now go to the farmer's market to buy some vegetables, some are expensive, but taste like nothing in supermarkets, you know perfect looking chemically grown taste like nothing kind, these came in all shapes and sizes and had a better taste, so forget about making salads, we ate these veggies just as they were, we also brought some fish and meat with us, so we grilled something every day, even our some of vegetables. Imagine making fire every evening!
As a side thought, it probably makes sense to put my vacation impressions into more than one post. Anyways whats the next time I'm going to have a vacation? So lets blab about it for few days, then we can start with whats coming here (CH) on Tishrei.
So back to my foods.
Imagine corn so sweet that you don't need any margarine to enhance its taste, or tomatoes that you don't want to use them in the salad... I am not exaggerating one bit.
And also we went to... Supermarket there too; look may be it is not the best choice for your veggies but it is useful for drinks and whatever else farmer's market is missing. A fair question comes - is it only in my head that farmer's market in Vermont better, since a person can be more excited about eating or doing something different? My little ones ate more veggies than in New York and they not old enough to be pre - judgmental yet on this issue. For one thing I can tell you why we hate eating vegetables is they may look more perfect in this supermarkets but they taste like nothing and so we tend to discard them and just have something roasted instead, for how can any body spoil a roasted burger? And I don't blame them. Now have something grilled for dinner.
You know some people are funny, I helped couple of families from Borough park to move, and they took the whole freezer in the van's trailer! well I understand a meat needs packing, but frozen fruit and vegetables? you can get them in Catskills in fresher condition right near your colony and you packing that?! Yes, two month worth of that, because she needs to serve the same food desert that she does in New York. And just for your amusement, they packed artificial flowers and vases and decorative plates,so it has to feel like Borough park there. I just realized that I am comparing my vacation with what not to do cases. So nothing was apparently broken in both cases. And on second occasion the guy was impressed that an Ex-Yeshiva student loaded/unloaded his trailer and van relatively fast and few breaks, but just think about it...
And all that not counting his boxes full of books, bicycles, more than half of the wardrobe, utensils etc, etc.
We just packed whatever minimum we could, I took few Siddurim, Ayn Yaakov, teffillin, few changes of cloth for each and was still too much because we always have to carry our little kids on us.
Something about Borough park. The only farmer's market to sell raw sunflower seeds, while still attached to flower is located, surprisingly near Bobover Yeshiva for girls around 53rd street. I bought it from there couple of times, and if you like the oily taste of sunflower seeds and the fun of separating them from the actual flower you can go there before Yeshiva opens up from 5:30am to 8:30am.
What do I regret? The lack of camera! Yes it is unfortunate that I cannot print anything about my trip or view from 4393 feet high mountain peak that me and my wife climbed, while carrying two my little ones in backpack (me), or in front pack (her).
It looks like my post is getting long, I think I'll finish it tomorrow, but what kind of vacation did anybody else have, or see someone else having? What were your do's and don'ts?

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