Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Now back to business again.

Now, for the first time in weeks - I can start writing my kvetch again! My kids disable my computer once in a while, so its' just one of those things.
Anyways, After slichos on Erev Rosh Hashona in 770, I turned around ... and looked for my blue bag (it was right behind me), only to find out and come to accept after three hours of searching, that my bag was gone, and with it my dear things - Teffillin two pairs, Talis, Gartl, Chitas, RaMBaM, pomegranat and honey cookies, first aid kit, pencils and some paper, also daily halacha sefer and Hamodia papers, etc..., above all in a side pocket my pay check for two weeks. Still no sign of it. I put up sign and its not there after less than a day. boy what a trouble, but I was able to recover my check from my job. The rest is gone, I bought my self a teffillin, but I must tell you it was a chill. I never knew I would be grieving about it so much as if someone died in my family.
I could not begin to recover until Yom Kippur. I had chest pains twice and slight headaches, even smaalest things made me extremely nervous, sometimes I would even experience a shortness of breath.
I never knew that it would hurt me so much to lose it. The way I began to recover was that I began to muse at how much I'm grieving about it.
Its not the end of the life, I can buy another one. But if anyone saw a big blue back pack and tells me, God bless him, I'll even give a reward, Thank you!

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  1. I am so sorry! my dh lost his teffilin once and I know how upsetting to was to him. I am sorry you lost it and I hope it will turn up!