Sunday, September 6, 2009

What should I write about?

There are few topics to write bout: what makes me think I am happy with my family despite financial blunders i.e. what makes a good wife, also what men want, women looking forward to in marriage, yes I've learned thing or two about marriage, situations about state of marriage in general, raising kids and what to really expect, also since I look at some "married" websites, never follow them, but occasionally read them with all sorts of stories from wierd to normal and why some marriages with messy looking husbands and houses last forever and some perfect homes are shatered in divorce and many more that I can write about.
Now why would I be interested in that? One of my main fields of interest is human psychology and I"ve been examining it for quite some time, also since I can better communicate my feelings with my DW in writing better than in word, so why not have her and anybody else who can trigger a new topic to do some sharing of my tjhoughts on the matter?
Also is any one interested in some laws and perception of our Holidays?

Let me know, since only have exactly four followers, so your first request, first served basis almost guaranteed.
Please tell me you will disagree with me and add something to our discussion.

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