Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just rant about life.

OK, so here is something to write about - our school problem, by the way it looks like its about to become worse. They say now that our scholarship of $1,000 is not doing to work, since we can't sell 10 raffle tickets worth $100 each (I wonder, who's going to buy that), so we'll probably have to pay all 8,500 for the school year. Now I've been thinking about home schooling him, the only problem is I can not teach my son how to read or how to put two sounds together to make to one word, so here is our disagreement with Z, my wife: I am perfectly satisfied if he learns how to read by the end of four month of yeshiva, then what we paid for it is enough lets say for eight out of ten month of school year, so by the end of eight month I can start teach him Chumash, davening etc. She is a little hysterical about such fantasy and wants him to finish school year even if it means that we will probably not have Succah, or Esrog etc. So wht should we do?

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